Who Am I? (I’m spiderman hehehe)

Saya Noor Syuhada or lebih mesra dengan panggilan Adaa..Pengedar Shaklee yang sah ye. Soulmate kepada Mohd Tarmizi dan ibu kepada tiga cinta hati saya Adam, Eilman dan Fahry..

Kenangan di London Eye (baru2 kawen 🙂 )
basically about me, I’m a former student of Queen’s University of Belfast, choose to be a fulltime housewife (or house manager like my husband always call me) and now doing online biz and Shaklee distributor. Not gud at writing but love to share usefull information about health, breastfeeding, parenting or anything that could benefit everyone out there..

So, Welcome to my Blog and thanx for visiting!

For those interested in getting Shaklee product or want to get free consultation, just reach me at 017-9329859 or adaanoor@ymail.com

Loves 🙂 

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