Rasanya tak ramai diantara kita yang familiar dengan perkataan ni kan? apa dia lipedema ni?

Lipedema occurs when fat is deposited abnormally beneath the skin, usually in the buttocks and legs.


perkara ni bukan sembarangan ye, tetapi ianya menyakitkan..dan kebanyakan penghidapnya cuba mengubati lipedema dengan pembedahan..mcm sedut lemak tu..liposuction ..or cosmetic surgery.



Apa punca berlakunya lipedema?

The cause of lipedema is not known, but doctors suspect female hormones play a role. That’s because the condition affects mostly women and it often begins or worsens at puberty, during pregnancy, following gynecologic surgery, and around the time of menopause.

Scientists also believe genes are involved, because many women with the condition have family members with the condition.


Apakah rawatan bagi penghidap Lipedema?

Unfortunately, dieting and exercising will not reduce the fat involved in lipedema. Aweight loss diet and exercise may leave you thinner on the top, but not change fat on the lower affected half.

Surgery for lipedema is also ineffective. Obese women with lipedema who undergobariatric surgery lose fat mostly from above the waist. Liposuction might seem a reasonable solution, because it is designed to remove fat from beneath the skin. But experts warn that removing enough fat to improve the appearance of the legs would likely cause death.

Although there is no way to eliminate the excessive fat accumulation of lipedema, treatment called complete decongestive therapy can ease painful symptoms.

Adakah supplemen dapat membantu dan bagaimana?

Selenium has been shown to decrease edema in tissue. Anticipate a possible increase in pain or decreased well-being as the toxins come out of the tissue. However, if you don’t feel good taking the selenium, then stop it. 

Omega fatty acids  
Omega Fatty Acids improve the function of the immune system. Choose omega-3 oils based on the International Fish Oils Standards, an independent Canadian company that tests fish oils. Choose an oil with a 5-star rating for ultra-refined super concentrated fish oils with a minimum 60 percent combine EPA/DHA concentration, a dioxin and furan levels less than 50% of WHO standard and an exceptional product batch.

Anti-inflammation Diet and Supplements
Since inflammation is one of the causes for edema, it’s possible that anti-inflammation support could be helpful. There are no studies as to its success but holistic practioners seem to report good results.

Di Shaklee, kami ada Vitamin E with selenium, Omega guard, the best omega ever, anti inflammation like vivix, vitamin C yang boleh membantu anda..

InsyaALlah..kita cuma berusaha ..


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