Ramai rakyat Malaysia mengalami masalah berat badan. Ada yang telefon adaa, kata dah cuba macam2 cara tapi tak berhasil..kadang2 kita perlu tahu apa masalah badan kita dulu baru boleh tahu penyelesaiannya..lain orang lain masalahnya..ada yang metabolisme rendah, ada yang sebab lain kan..

walau apa pun masalahnya pasti ada jalan keluar…kali ni adaa nak kongsi 10 tips menarik ..bagi adaa menarik bagi yang nak menurunkan berat badan 😀


1.Add red cabbage to your food

red cabbage

Red cabbage helps to prevent your hunger cravings and also aids in the production of your body’s fat burning substances!


2.Swap your cheeses


Did you know that goat’s cheese is much healthier for you than cheese produced from a cow? Goat’s cheese contains around 30% less calories than cow cheese, so if you’re a cheese lover this is a great way to cut down on fat!


3.Drink pulpy orange juice

pulpy orange juice

If you drink fruit juice, try and drink fruit juice which still has the bits in it – these bits will add fibre to your diet and so will help you to feel full. However remember that some fruit juices can be high in sugar content so remember to check the label. Freshly squeezed orange juice is always a good choice!


4.Add spinach


Spinach contains twice as much fibre as any other green vegetable and we all know that increasing your fibre intake is a great way to fight fat and make you feel fuller for longer!


5.Eat tomatoes

Truss tomatoes.

Ghrelin is a hunger hormone produced by your body which makes it feel hungry. Eating tomatoes is a way of supressing this hormone and so will ward off those hungry feelings for a while longer!


6.Eat pomegranates


Pomegranates are a healthy way of satisfying your sweet cravings, and they also supress fat storage in the body!


7.Eat berries


Many fruits contain fructose and when fructose is mixed with carbohydrates you will put on weight much more easily. Berries however do not contain fructose and are a great snack food to help you lose weight!


8.Add soy sauce to your food

soy sauce

Proteins in soy are able to tell receptors in our brain that we’re full. Soy sauce is great in stir-fry!


9.Eat eggs


Eggs are great diet food as they are full of protein which is low in calories!


10.An apple before meals


Eating an apple about 20 minutes before your dinner will help you to consume much less calories during your meal!


simple and tasty trick to loose weightkan? enjoy!

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