10 Fakta & Mitos berkenaan breastfeeding~

Hari ni nak share benda ringkas tapi adaa rasa kebanyakan kita ada yang tak tahu and still confuse heheh so not much but hope beneficial.

Adaa kalo pregnant ni mmg dah jadi habit akan search pasal penyusuan..sebab dulu tak dapat susukan anak first, anak kedua pulun duk cari info sampai bersalin..siap beli barang untuk pump dan semua keperluan lah..8 bulan pertama tak dapat fully bfeed tp lepas tuh smp anak nak masuk 2 tahun dah alhamdulillah hanya susu ibu 🙂 Masih belum puas hati, so anak ketiga ni meneruskan pencarian info-info terkini dan refresh info2 sambil2 tuh adaa kongsikan kat sini untuk info ibu2 lama dan baru. Jom!


10 Myths and Facts of Breastfeeding


1. Myth: Breastfeeding is painful.

    Fact: Breastfeeding should not hurt, though some may have some minor discomfort during the first week or two.

2. Myth: Breastfeeding is inconvenient

    Fact: Breastfeeding is far more convenient that bottle feeding.  Breastmilk is free, pre-mixed, pre-warmed, and always ready to use.

3. Myth: Women who breastfeed can’t safely lose weight until their babies are weaned.

    Fact: Breastfeeding actually contributes to gradual, healthy weight loss because it can burn an extra 300-500 calories per day.

4. Myth: A breastfed baby needs extra water.

    Fact: Breastmlk contains all the water a baby needs.

5. Myth: Formula is as good as breastmilk.

    Fact: Formula doesn’t provide the full range of nutrients contained breastmilk, nor does it contain the antibodies that can protect infants against disease.

6. Myth: If the baby has diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should stop breastfeeding.

    Fact: The best medicine for a baby’s gut infection is breastfeeding.

7. Myth: Physicians know a lot about breastfeeding.

    Fact: Very few physicians learned anything at all about breastfeeding in medical school.

8. Myth: A mother who smokes is better not to breastfeed.

    Fact: A mother who can’t stop smoking should breastfeed.  It has been shown to decrease the negative effects of cigarette smoke on the baby’s lungs.

9. Myth: Breastfeeding in public requires that a woman’s breasts be exposed.

    Fact: There are many techniques a woman can learn for breastfeeding her baby discreetly in public

10. Myth: It is difficult to breastfeed successfully.

      Fact: Although new mothers may need some practice before developing confidence in their breastfeeding skills, it is a natural activity that almost any mother and baby can learn together.

Jadi bagi yang confuse lagi tu, jangan berat2kan fikiran..breastfeeding is fun! 🙂

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