Performance Drink Shaklee: Minuman atlit berkelas Dunia!

Memandangkan husband adaa seorang cyclist dan kerap berlatih serta menyertai kayuhan jelajah, rasa terpanggil juga untuk membantu mana2 yang boleh kan? Apa yang boleh adaa bantu ialah dari segi persiapan lah sebelum mula berkayuh tu..Selalunye orang akan minum sports drink mcm 100 Plus ke, or any isotonic drink..Tapi husband adaa tak berapa suka air2 bergas ni walaupun tak sekuat mana..tambahan pula ada kandungan gula yang jika diminum berlebihan atau terlalu kerap boleh meningkatkan kandungan gula dalam darah. Jadi, Adaa cuba bekalkan dengan performance drink dari Shaklee. Rasa sedap, perisa oren 🙂

Ramai yang bertanya, betul ke Performance Drink ni bagus? Boleh membantu? Kalau dengar dari Adaa mungkin tak berapa nak percaya kot..Jadi, kali ni Adaa sertakan sedikit info yang berkenaan..mungkin boleh membantu siapa yang ingin mencuba.

credit: Shaklee Corporation has pioneered the practice of studying the diets of elite athletes and testing products to help make landmark expeditions and record-breaking achievements possible. This research has translated into dietary recommendations and high performance nutritional products for elite athletes and explorers as well as recreational athletes. Shaklee powered athletes have taken home 31 Olympic Medals including 17 Gold Medals.


In fact, 8 of Time-Life’s “25 Great Adventures of All Time” were powered by Shaklee Products.


For example:


The Daedalus Project

In 1998, Kanellos Kanopoulos had only one fuel for his record-breaking seventy-two mile human-powered flight from Crete to Santorini – the maximum endurance sports drink developed by Shaklee with Ethan Nadel of Yale University. Later marketed as Performance(r), it is now a leading product of Shaklee’s sports nutritional line. The drink’s mix of electrolytes and carbohydrates provided easy-to-absorb muscle fuel and quickly replaced the pilot’s lost fluids.


Voyager Non-Stop Around The World Flight

In 1986, Shaklee served as the Official Nutrition Consultant to Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan, pilots who powered the first nonstop airplane flight to circumnavigate the globe without refueling. Shaklee designed easy-open packaging for its energy bars and special lightweight powdered foods to meet the pilots’ needs during the ten-day Voyager flight.

Team Shaklee (CYCLIST)


Shaklee began sponsoring one of the nation’s top amateur cycling teams in 1988, an affiliation that lasted until the end of 2000. With the help of Shaklee and Shaklee products, Team Shaklee set over ten world records and sent four riders to the 1992 Olympic Games and six to both the 1996 Games in Atlanta and the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia. The cyclists have been the subjects of dietary studies, testing Shaklee Performance sports drink in 1988 and aiding in the 1992 development of the Shaklee Carbo Crunch bar, an energy bar that delivers an ideal mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals.
Shaklee nutritionists regularly consult with the riders, studying the cyclists’ diet records and blood tests to make nutritional recommendations. After detecting an iron deficiency in cyclist J-Me Carney in 1991, they reconstructed his diet and Carney went on to compete as part of the 1992 Olympic team. Kent Bostick, the 47 year-old who earned a berth on the 1996 Olympic Cycling Team, is a fabled proponent of Shaklee nutrition.


Ini pula senarai atlit yang diperkasa oleh Shaklee..

A list of the athletes who are currently using or have used Shaklee supplements to enhance their athletic performance:

Bill Demong Olympic Athlete Sports Nutrition Shaklee

1. Craig Blanchette -Wheelchair racer/world record holder
2. Dean Karnazes -UltraMARATHONER
3. Carla Overbeck -Co-Captain US Olympic Soccer Team/ Olympic Gold 1996/ Soccer Coach
4. US Ski Team and SnowBoarding Teams -Elite level ski and snowboard team
5. Carly Piper -Elite Level Swimmer
6. Nia Abdallah -2004 Olympic silver medalist in taekwondo
7. Eli Bremer -Pentathlete
8. Gary Hall Jr -Elite Swimmer, Gold Medalist
9. Bethany Hart -Bobsledding and Hammer throw
10. Kent Bostick -Elite Cyclist, Masters World Champion, Medalist
11. Carl Rundell -Marathon Runner
12. USC Tennis Team -Official Nutritional Sponsor
13. NASA -Official Product Created for Space travel (Shaklee Performance is known as Astro Aid to NASA)

Other athletes
1. Jeff Boltinghouse -Racecar driver/NASCAR Goodie Series
2. Angela Daigle -All-American sprinter/Track & Field
3. Jayson Duff -Long Jumper/Track & Field
4. Mike Erhar -Eco-Challenge 2000/Extreme Sports
5. David Fox -Men’s Swimmer/Gold Medalist
6. Richelle Fox -Women’s Swimmer/Gold Medalist
7. Natalie Gibson -Track & Field/All American
8. Ernie Gregoire, Ed.D -US Track & Field coach
9. Michael Henderson -AJGA Player of The Year, Western Amateur and Golden Bear Tour Champion
10. Scott & Patti Kauf -Moguls Ski Champions
11. Andy Kelsey -Elite Triathlete
12. Barb Lindquist -EliteTriathlete
13. Tracy H. Mattes -400 Meter Hurdler/Track & Field
14. Cecelia Potts -Women’s Mountain biker
15. Chris Waddell -Monoski & Wheelchair racing
16. Stan Whitley -World record holder/ Masters Track & Field
17. Kevin Wiley -Long Jumper/Track & Field
18. Breeda Dennehy Willis -Distance Runner
19. Team Shaklee -Professional cycling – 1986-2000
20. Quest for Gold Athletes Oklahoma 1976-2000
21. Todd Ahmadi -Pro beach volleyball player
22. Ruthie Bolton – Holifield -Women’s basketball/Gold Medalist
23. Darrell Bowles -Endurance cyclist
24. Laurie Brandt -Mountain biker
25. Dave Brehm -All natural bodybuilder
26. Gary Carter -Major League Baseball
27. Brian Dorsett -Major League Baseball
28. Drago -Men’s soccer & Elite Player
29. Kate Fonshell -5K & 10K elite runner
30. Sir Edmond Hillary -Expedition leader
31. Jay Howell -Major League Baseball
32. Jimmy Johnson -NFL Football, Hall of Fame
33. Damon Keeve -Karate elite medalist
34. Ann Marie Lauck -Women’s marathon / medalist
35. Shelly Looney -Women’s Ice Hockey / & 98 Gold Medal Winner
36. Bill Magagna -Triathlete
37. Ryah Radomski -Mountain Bike Racing Champion
38. Joanita Reed-Senior -Masters triathlete
39. Christine Bannon Rodrigues -Karate, Taekwondo expert
40. Chantal Shea -Women’s Track & Field
41. Annika Sorrenstam -LPGA Superstar
42. Patty Sheehan -LPGA Golf Star
43. Linda Somers -Marathoner/Olympic participant
44. Will Steger -World renown Explorer/ Scientist
45. Julie & Marja Sweet -Mother/daughter aerobics team
46. Ann Trombley -Mountain Biker, US World Championship Team
47. Rob Whitney -US Ski Team
48. The Canadian Rowing Team
49. The Malaysian Field Hockey Team
50. The Philippines Boxing Team
51. The US Speedskating Team
52. The US Bobsled Team
53. The US Ski Team

Kan ke ramai tu..dan sekarang Shaklee juga ada menaja Jelajah Amal Berbasikal 1Malaysia ..dah beratus testimonial adaa senaraikan tu? Masih ragu? Kene cuba sendiri lah nampaknya 🙂

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