Unconditional love~


Before going to bed tonight, just wanna share this quote..this is so beautiful and true indeed. Tadi my elder sis bgtahu yang dia ade tgk gambar Adaa mase amek award di National Convention Shaklee last 9th June..Dia kata muka Adaa masa tu sebijik macam arwah Umi..I know, ramai yang ckp gtu..but as i get older, i realize that i look more and more like her..

It’s a beautiful gift but it’s kinda make me sad too coz when i looked at that pic once again, i almost cried..miss her soo much..i hope she can be here and be proud of me..( iknow she did)

Truly, Shaklee and supplement isn’t just about money, helping people, make friends but it always remind me of Umi..she’s been sick for too long before she passed. I always wish i could help her, help her to get better but it’s not me who decided the fate. Everytime i learn about health, supplement, medicine, somehow she came into my mind..I know i couldn’t help her with what i’ve learned but maybe i could share and help all daughters out there to take care of their folks. InsyaAllah. Give the best for them while we can.

Umi, maybe i couldn’t remember the time when u hugged me, kissed me, nurtured me..but i do remember how deep, sincere is ur love..It’s True..u hold my heart for a life time~

*Love and take care of ur loved one~~


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