Weight loss: Bila waktu sesuai untuk minuman protein anda?

Memandangkan bulan ni Adaa dihujani pertanyaan tentang weight Management Set, so kali ni nak cerita a bit more on weight loss lah ye.

Macam dalam entry Adaa Weight management:DETOX+PROTEIN+LECITHIN=LOSE WEIGHT 🙂 adaa ade mention the right equation for loosing weight  which is Detox (herblax/Alfalfa) + Protein (Cinch Shake or Energizing Soy Protin (ESP) +Lecitin/Omega 

So, salah satu elemen yang perlu ade adalah protein..tapi tak semua dari kita tahu waktu yang betul untuk minum Protein Drink ni..kalau salah minum, mungkin tak dapatlah menurunkan berat bdan secara effective. Contohnya menggantikan meal dengan hanya minum protein drink, itu tak betul ye..nanti badan akan lebih lapar dan akhirnya kita akan mkn dengan bnyk waktu meal yang seterusnya..I’m sure all of us want the best result but first we have to know the right way to do it.

Jadi, bila waktu yang sesuai untuk ambil minuman protein ni? (sile baca slow2 hehe)


You can optimize the benefits of taking whey protein if you know when to drink protein shakes. The best way to supplement with protein shakes for weight loss is by having them in between meals. Your metabolism is at its highest when you are eating meals every few hours. It is also recommended that people who are trying to lose weight should have 5-6 small meals each day.
If you have bought a protein shake which is low in carbohydrates, one shake could be approximately 150 – 200 calories. This is a great way of having a low calorie snack which will help keep your metabolism high throughout the day, and let you burn away your fat.

Protein shakes can also be an emergency meal for people who have busy schedules. Rather than missing the meal completely, you can very quickly prepare a protein shake as an emergency meal replacement.
You can use this same idea when traveling. You may find yourself having irregular meals while traveling and you can use protein shakes to fill in the void.

You could also add the protein shake into your oatmeal. This makes a very nutritious breakfast that has high quality protein as well as high quality carbohydrates. Many people suffer from abdominal bloating after eating oatmeal. Adding protein can help prevent this.
A lot of people who are on strict diets will find themselves hungry at bedtime. This can be quite a torture. A protein shake can be taken at bedtime to suppress the huger pangs. The amino acids in the protein shake may even help you get better sleep and help the release of fat burning growth hormones.

Protein shakes can be useful to those who do their exercises in the morning. This applies especially to weight training. Weight training is one of the most effective exercises for men and women if they are serious about sustainable weight loss. Having a protein shake before you start weight training can help avoid muscle catabolism which can happen when you exercise the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is where your body breaks down muscles instead of fat to feed your energy requirements during the exercise.
As you can see, knowing when to drink protein shakes can definitely help in getting the most out of your weight loss efforts.

  1. Take in between meals contohnya antara breakfast n lunch or in between lunch n dinner
  2. As an emergency meal replacement. Selagi boleh, jangan skip meal ye, ni kalau dah tak sempat benar, ambil lah segelas..elakkan perut dari ‘starving mode’. Bila dah masuk mode tuh, nnt next meal kita akan over eating  pulak.
  3. At bedtime. Kalau dinner pukul 7, tidur pulak pukul 12, mmg rasa lapar..jadi sebelum tidur tuh bolehlah ambil segelas minuman protein.
  4. Sebelum memulakan senaman di waktu pagi 
So, dah tau ni, sile ikut ye heheh baru dapat turunkan berat badan secara efektif 🙂

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