Performance Drink: The Best choice for Athlete and Cyclist

Dalam entry Adaa yang lepas Khas buat cyclist diluar sana, sporty person n ibu2 menyusu.. jeng jeng jeng 🙂 Adaa ade share tentang kelebihan performance drink ni, bagaimana ia boleh membantu membekalkan tenaga dan mengelakkan daripada dehydration. Kali ni Adaa nak tambah sket lagi tentang kelebihan Performance Drink from Shaklee

Sedikit product info:

Penghidratan lebih cepat berbanding air (Oren)
Bekerja atau bersukan menyebabkan kekurangan nutrisi penting dalam tubuh.  Shaklee Performance merupakan pilihan paling ideal yang berupaya menghidrat lebih cepat berbanding air dan mebekalkan tenaga untuk kegiatan harian anda. 
  • OptiCarb® pilihan eksklusif untuk tenaga yang berpanjangan.
  • Membekalkan bendalir dan elektrolit yang penting untuk membantu mencegah penyahidratan.*
  • Terbukti secara klinikal dalam memelihara paras gula dalam darah yang penting bagi tenaga, otot dan paras bendalir yang perlu bagi penghidratan yang wajar.  

Ini pula kelebihan Performance Drink from Shaklee:

Effective hydration and more energy
Cyclists rode stationary bicycles at 70% VO2 max for two to three hours. Shaklee Performance, other carbohydrate-electrolyte prototypes, and water were given to the athletes at the rate of one liter per hour. Shaklee Performance maintained blood glucose levels significantly higher than water throughout the test period, while maintaining plasma volume equal to that of water. Shaklee Performance also maintained a higher plasma osmolality than water, helping balance thirst with fluid needs and supporting the osmotic drive to drink. It was also the best-tolerated of all the carbohydrate-electrolyte prototypes.

Maximizing endurance

Shaklee Performance helped maintain athletes* blood glucose levels for muscle energy and fluid levels for proper hydration. After more than three hours of vigorous cycling in the laboratory, during which time the cyclists consumed either Shaklee Performance or water, the speed was turned up even higher. At this sprint pace, Shaklee Performance drinkers endured for 33 minutes, while the water-only group lasted just 2 minutes.**

*. Wong LG, Jensen CD, Whittam JH. The effects of sodium carbohydrate (Na:Carb) ratios in rehydration beverages (RB) on plasma glucose (PG), osmolality (PO), volume (PV), and subject tolerance (ST). FASEB J 1990;4:A381 (abstr).
**. Yaspelkis III BB, Patterson JG, Anderla PA, Ding Z, Ivy JL. Carbohydrate supplementation spares muscle glycogen during variable intensity exercise. J Appl Physiol 1993;75:1477-85

ha, ini maknanya, performance drink ni almost 16 times better than just water..Sebab tulah ianya menjadi pilihan para athlete..ianya membantu anda rehydrate FASTER than water!

More reasons why u should get one:

For years the world’s top performers have relied on Shaklee products for their winning edge. Find out how Shaklee nutritional products power epic victories.
Endurance and Energy
If you want to win, it helps to have an edge. That’s why endurance and energy are critical for any competitor. Maintaining blood glucose levels helps sustain energy. In addition, getting the right amount of protein and carbohydrates before and after your workout provides essential fuel to your muscles. The longer you workout, the more protein and carbohydrates you need. Without these important elements, it is difficult to finish a workout, get the full benefit of your regimen, and maintain the necessary glycogen level for the next day’s workout. Of course, it is difficult to replenish these nutrients during intense exercise, making your pre-workout snack crucial to your success.
Some professional athletes may sweat away 5-8 POUNDS a game or event. But even if you don’t sweat that much, it only takes losing 2% of body weight to cause fatigue and weaken performance. When you perspire, you’re not only losing fluids, you’re losing precious electrolytes to stay hydrated and carbohydrates to maintain blood glucose levels (which helps sustain energy).
You also deplete your body of sodium when you sweat. Sodium is a nutrient vital to the nerves that lead to muscle movement. In a 1996 case study, a professional tennis player lost up to 3 quarts of sweat per hour in a match, resulting in excruciating cramps. It was found that the player lost more sodium from sweating while playing for a few hours than he consumed the entire day.1
To help avoid early fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, lightheadedness, and nausea, the body must stay hydrated to replenish these nutrients.
Performance Drink ni bukan shj sesuai untuk athlete, tapi untuk sesiapa sahaja..tambah2 musim2 panas ni..badan cepat kehilangan air dan rasa sgt dehydrated kan. Adaa dah cuba, waktu bulan puasa dengan menyusukan baby, percayalah sgt2 dahaga..tapi Alhamdulillah with PD, ramadhan lepas tak rasa dahaga sgt wpon menyusukan ank, menguruskan rumah..mmg  best! Performance drink mmg jadi hidangan wajib kami satu family. sedap pon sedap, masam2 sket..ala2 air glukos tuuu 🙂
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